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Hilltop Studio

Hilltop was created to help each student find and hone their talent!


 This Studio offers beginner & intermediate acting/vocal lessons for all ages & experience levels.

Plus audition prep & acting for the camera! 


 All lessons are catered to the students; their interests, goals and passions!

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My Services


Interested in the performing arts but not sure where to begin? This curriculum will bring out your natural instincts and talents! We will explore the ways in which actors/singers use movement, body language, non verbal and verbal communication to connect!

(In person & online available)

First consultation is Free!


This is a great foundation to the craft and an introduction to Acting methods and techniques! We will begin to lay the foundation of technique-based artistry through a progressive series of exercises, an introduction to script analysis, acting through song and scene study/monologue work.

(In person and online available)

First consultation is Free!

Audition Prep & Acting for the Camera

These lessons are designed to teach you the skills and techniques required for a successful audition! We focus on material, preparedness, professionalism and flexibly. This will get you ready for any in person audition or taped submission.

(In person & online available)

First consultation is Free!

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